Remembering Aidan Ellison: Thoughts from his Mother

ASHLAND, Ore. — KDRV It’s never easy when a loved one leaves this world especially when you’re the one who brought them into it

“My fondest moment of Aidan was when I gave birth to him and his eyes were hazel and that was so beautiful,” Andrea Wofford, Aidan’s mother said.

19 years of life and love, gone within a matter of minutes.

“He has two siblings behind him and he has 3 siblings ahead of him,” Wofford said.

Someone who marched to the beat of his own drum and lead others along the way.

“He always wanted to be himself and have his own presence as well as be a role model for the younger ones,” Wofford said.

November 23rd is the morning when everything changed.

“My 17-year-old calls me to tell me that Aidan was shot,” Wofford added.

The family of Aidan Ellison now left to navigate this new life without him. Trying to get through each day, but still trying to figure out what happened that morning.
“I feel that he turned the music up because he was trying to draw attention to something that’s going on out there,” Wofford said.

While they continue their search for answers, she says there’s one thing there’s no question about.

“You are finally free and you are so loved and I know you feel it because everything that you gave out and you thought that you weren’t getting enough of back look,” Wofford said.