Reader Article Submissions and Issues Resolution

We, at The Ashland Chronicle just created new ways to fulfill the Chronicle Mission “To inform and inspire local citizens to participate politically and protect our democracy”.  We are asking local citizens to add their own writings to the Chronicle and to start a conversation about issues of concern. This is a Participatory Chronicle and by providing these two tools we hope to see you use it to get your thoughts out there for the benefit of others, and to start a trend towards resolution of issues that affect you.

Improve My City

“Improve My City” presents a platform for managing local issues from reporting to careful analysis. The platform provides an integrated solution aimed at citizens of local governments who are seeking collaboration with fellow citizens, their city officials, and city staff.

Write an easily composed but descriptive comment or analysis of a city issue or a problem —

We are asking citizens to provide only the information necessary to understand the issue with a brief description so that others can respond to your concern.

Opportunity to comment and to vote on issues that concern you —

We are offering the mechanisms to post comments or vote for or against issues that have been submitted by other citizens.

Submit Your Articles

User Submitted Posts provides a form that enables you to submit posts and upload images. It will go through an approval and editing process so written material we send out to our readers will be well formed and well-informed without bias.