Progressive Revolutionary Crawl – Sept 19 at noon!

Republican Talking Point is this Smoke! is from Bad Forest Management and we need more clear cuts. When I scouted Eagle Point that is what I was told. There was No Global Awareness, no connection to the storms and flooding. Incredible denial and then a push for profit, very Roman…

WHAT:    Progressive Revolutionary Crawl

 WHY:    This is Climate Change

               Taking the evolution to the outskirts

WHERE:  Bob Moore Park, Main Street, downtown Eagle Point

               September 19, 2017


The Progressive Revolutionary Crawl is an Outreach Program. The root cause of this Smoke! is drought brought on by Global Warming  resulting in Climate Change. We cannot WISH it away. The longer the deniers impede progress the worse it will be for our descendants. Masks are requested. Speeches will be on flash cards. If you have something you want to say make flash cards. We will not walk. We will stand with our signs. If even one light goes on for one person we will have succeeded then I suggest lunching in beautiful (albeit Smokey!) downtown Eagle Point.