Poor Air Quality in the Valley Due to Ashland’s Prescribed Burns: The Council Asking for an Exception to Continue Dangerous Polluting

The Ashland City Council has passed a “Community Response Plan” (CRP), whose sole purpose is to qualify the Ashland Forest Resiliency Project for an exemption from Oregon smoke standards – the standards designed to protect human health! 
Then the CRP was presented to the Jackson County Commission, which declined to endorse it but is coordinating with the City. The County noted some concerns and suggested fuel reduction methods other than burning. 
The next step is for the Oregon Department of Forestry and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to decide whether or not to approve the CRP and the City’s exemption request. This is our opportunity to stop the generation of new, significantly higher, levels of unhealthy smoke in the Rogue Valley from the prescribed burning of logging slash and forest debris. 
Colleen Roberts, Chair of the Jackson County Commission, has offered to forward our comment letters to those state agencies. Attached are two letters that raise objections to the CRP and exemption request and urge that they be denied. As they point out, safer alternative fuel reduction methods are available and in use in other communities.  
If you don’t want the air your family breathes to exceed state smoke guidelines, please write to the agency contacts in these letters via Colleen Roberts, <RobertCL@jacksoncounty.org>. Please feel free to use any of our talking points and add your own. Get back to us if you have questions.

These documents tell it all file:///Users/voisinc/Downloads/Ashland%20smoke%20exemption.pdf and file:///Users/voisinc/Downloads/Comments%20Ashland%20Forest%20Resiliency.pdf. Let your elected officials know about this!