Physical Distancing in Ashland: A Moral Imperative

Physical Distancing in Ashland

Physical distancing is working well in the Rogue Valley. Which is why we should continue with all precautions as recommended by health professionals and Gov. Brown. What makes this virus so insidious is that it can be spread by people who are asymptomatic and so don’t realize they have it. If you are an asymptomatic carrier and you decide to ignore the guidelines, your recklessness could cost someone their life – your grandmother or grandfather, your parents, your friends’ parents, your neighbors. You don’t throw away your umbrella just because it stopped raining. You don’t stop taking a course of antibiotics mid-way just because you’re starting to feel better.

If reports are true that some Ashlanders have begun ignoring physical distancing and the stay-at-home guidelines and instead are gathering for block parties and other large group activities, shopping without wearing masks, etc., then we may expect to see a jump in the number of cases locally in 10-14 days – around April 27-May 2.

This virus is lethal. In fact, Johns Hopkins data show a 5% death rate in the US among people infected in areas of the country hardest hit. Please, everyone, be careful. Parents, please keep your teens at home. They – and you – could be asymptomatic carriers. Seniors, please stay home; you (including me) are most vulnerable of all. People of all ages are dying from this; no one is exempt.

For the good of each other and ourselves, let’s all do the best we can and be kind to one another. This is a difficult time. Thanks for listening.

Nancy Parker, Ashland

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