Pamala Joy’s Food Angels Recognized by Senator Merkley

Food Angels Honored by Addie Greene

Pamala Joy, founder of the Ashland Food Angels, received an award Friday for the Angels’ outstanding service to the community.  Sen. Jeff Merkley honored the group at the beginning of his town hall in Ashland.

“With my move to Ashland in the early 1990’s, I was already well connected to my desire to create community benefit,” Ms. Joy stated. “When I was asked by the Northwest Seasonal Workers to do a weekly food shuttle for them, transporting 100 pounds of potatoes from Ashland’s restaurant Geppetto’s, I readily agreed and began searching for ways to increase the amount I collected.  At first I contacted all of Ashland’s bakers and gathered the day-old bread which was being thrown away. Then a meeting with Tom Cantwell led to daily pick-ups from the back of Cantwell’s large market, which was located downhill from the Old Armory.  As the food intake increased, I found other organizations which needed the food, such as Uncle Food’s Diner, Head Start and the Senior Center.  Over time the donors and recipients changed, but the rescue of usable food went on daily from the mid-90’s through today.”

Ashland Food Angels now operates 365 days a year and provides thousands of pounds of food daily to people in need. It also “gathers and donates warm clothing and blankets, kitchen utensils and personal care items,” according to its web site.