Good news! The Oregon Senate Rules Committee will amend the National Popular Vote bill this week to match the clean version passed four times by the state House, and Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney has agreed to let the bill come to a vote on the floor of the Senate for the first time.

Please take a moment to sign and send the petition to your state senator, urging them to support the AMENDED version of SB 5012.

The National Popular Vote legislation is a simple reform that uses the power granted to the state legislatures by the U.S. Constitution to enact the national popular without having to amend the Constitution.

The state House voted in 2009, 2013, and 2015 to join the National Popular Vote Compact, but the legislation has never come to a vote in the Senate, so Courtney's move to allow a vote this year is a HUGE win for Electoral College reformers.

But allowing a vote isn't the same as winning a vote, so we need you to contact your senator—whether you're represented by a Democrat or a Republican—and ask your senator to support the House bill when it comes to the floor of the Senate.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) has a long history of bipartisan support in Oregon and, once enacted by states totaling 270 electoral votes, the NPVIC would guarantee the presidency to the winner of the national popular vote.

Right now states totaling 165 electoral votes have joined the NPVIC and, with Oregon's 7 electoral votes, we'd only need 98 more votes to make this a reality.

Please take a moment to send your senator a letter urging them to support the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which is the AMENDED version of SB 5012. It's time for Oregon to enact legislation that works towards fixing our broken presidential election system.

Keep fighting,
Michael Langenmayr, Daily Kos

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