Fentanyl in Oregon
Oregon is experiencing a fentanyl overdose crisis that is affecting every
community, every county, and every corner of the state.

ANYONE using drugs can overdose, regardless of
• What drug they are using.
• How they are using.
• How much experience they have using.

Assume that ALL illegal substances and ANY pills not prescribed and handed to you by a pharmacist contain fentanyl.

People survive overdoses when someone recognizes and responds.
Learn how to use naloxone at https://www.savelivesoregon.org/toolkit/.
Harm reduction works and people do recover. If you or someone you love
needs services, call Oregon’s Recovery Center Hotline 503-575-3769
If you use drugs, you are at risk of overdose.

• Assume there is fentanyl in any drug that is not your prescription
handed to you by a pharmacist
• Be aware that fentanyl alone or mixed with other drugs increases
overdose risk.
• Know fentanyl may be in ANY drug, including pills, heroin,
methamphetamine, or cocaine. You cannot see, smell or taste fentanyl.
• Do NOT use alone.

» If you must use alone, use a spotter.
» Call the Never Use Alone Hotline 1-800-484-3731 or use the Brave
App: https://brave.coop
• Carry naloxone and have it out where it can be seen and ready to use.
• Take turns using – so that someone can give naloxone and call 911.

An overdose is a medical emergency. Always call 911.
Oregon’s Good Samaritan Law protects the caller and the person who overdoses.

Source: 200-380751 Fentanyl in Oregon – le-380751.pdf

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