Oregon Dept of Human Services’ New Website: Check It Out


News Release from Oregon Department of Human Services
June 28th, 2023

Need to know

  • Oregon Department of Human Services launched a new website to better support people in Oregon. The new website address is https://oregon.gov/odhs.
  • Most old links will automatically redirect to new pages

(Salem) – This morning, visitors to the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) website will see a fresh look. The redesigned website is more accessible, mobile-friendly, has more Spanish-language content and new language access features.

The vision of ODHS is that everyone in our communities can access the services they need. Our website, with over 10 million hits per year, is a key way ODHS delivers information about those services.

People using the site can now easily navigate to the services they need. Increased readability and less text will also help people find what they need more quickly. A new office finder will help people find which local office is closest to them and will provide directions via Google maps. Going forward, we will continue to make improvements to the website based on user feedback.

“This website advances our ability to connect with people in Oregon, including the nearly 1.5 million we serve each year,” said ODHS Director Fariborz Pakseresht. “We want to make it as easy as possible for people to get what they need. ODHS is dedicated to making accessibility a priority and we’ll continue to refine our site based on user needs and feedback.”

Even though our website address is changing, most links to our old website will automatically direct people to the correct location in the new site. People can visit this page for tips on using our new website, to share feedback or to report any issues or broken links.

The process of this website redesign has taken nearly two years of planning. ODHS is grateful for the many members of the public, partners and staff who have offered invaluable feedback and input.

Note: This update does not affect the ONE Eligibility system applicant portal people use to apply for and manage medical, food, cash and child care benefits.