Opponent of 5G Speaks before Ashland Council

Opponent of 5G Speaks before Ashland Council

Lynn Georgens, a fairly new member of Ashland’s community, spoke at the August 6 City Council business meeting.

During public forum, she reminded the council of these facts:

  • There are over 200 members in Oregon Safe Technology living in Ashland and Talent, not just the four who presented at the Study Session in May
  • She reiterated the concerns about 5G in its corporate power, pervasiveness, unsightly antennas and harm; once installed, it is impossible to remove
  • Georgens mentioned that the science is available, if we just dip our toes into it, we would be amazed at what there is for us to learn regarding microwave technology, etc.
  • She mentioned that OST works to promote and educate others on safe practices of the cellular technology currently used, particularly for children’s protection
  • OST members intend to keep this issue of NO 5G in the forefront of our community and in front of council members until action is taken
  • She said that OST wants to bring to their attention two upcoming events around the 5G crisis; one on the internet “5G Crisis, Awareness and Accountability Online 8/26 – 9/1” and the EMF Conference 2019 in Santa Cruz.

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