OPINION: You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But You Can’t Make It Drink

The editorial board of another local publication did a real hatchet job on the Mayor on 5/27/21.  Their primary point was that she is not exerting enough leadership on the Council.

What they don’t realize is that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

When a majority of the council is determined to thwart your every move, leading them is not an option.  They won’t be led.

It’s very clear which councilors are obstructing procedures and progress on council.  Unfortunately, those individuals were not included in the referendum on the future of the city during the last election, but they will be next year.  That gives them plenty of time to prevent the progress that the voters expect and deserve.  Another year and a half of budgetary irresponsibility, of avoiding effective guidance and oversight of city staff.

Meanwhile, they continue to do everything possible to discredit, harass and obstruct the duly elected Mayor.  They have succeeded in delaying until August the search for the new City Manager that we desperately need.  The voters spoke loud and clear in the last election, yet the majority on council does everything in their power to thwart the will of the voters.

Like spoiled children, they behave like sore losers.  Those Councilors would have you believe they can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.  Perhaps those individuals can’t.  They would have you believe that their failures lie with others.

Expecting Mayor Akins to exert leadership over the legacy members of the council is as unrealistic as expecting President Biden to exert leadership over the Republican caucus in the Senate.

It is analogous to the behavior of Senate Majority Leader McConnell during the Obama administration.  His main purpose was to obstruct the President, and pack the Supreme Court.  He was very effective.  Even as minority leader, his main goal is to obstruct Biden and his proposals.  He has repeatedly stated as much. 

So just as the Trump supporters continue to deny the reality of the last election, creating chaos and spreading hatred, our own local cabal does its best to blame others for the exact behaviors that it employs.

We see how that has worked out for the country and the future of the planet.  Let’s not let that happen to our city.

Dean Silver

//inserted by Sharon