OHSU Develops a 3D Ventilator – Good News!

3D-Printed ventilators

A team at OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University) has developed 3D printed ventilators.

In response to the ongoing pandemic, trauma surgeon and OHSU professor Albert Chi, and his team at OHSU have shifted their focus from developing child prosthetics to designing and developing 3D printed ventilators.

“It has no electronics, it is readily and easily printable, and can be distributed within a matter of hours after printing, and it’s also able to handle basic ventilation as well as kind of advanced ventilation for people with advanced lung disease,” Albert Chi, OHSU Professor.

The low cost design eliminates the need for long supply chains from manufacturers to hospitals, and Chi envisions the ventilators being deployed quickly and efficiently around the world.
Visit onwardohsu.org to learn more about the ventilators, and how you can help during this time.