Nurses Union at OHSU Will Announce Strike Vote at Public Rally 9/18


September 16th, 2023

WHAT: Oregon Nurses Association (ONA)-represented nurses from Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) will announce the results of their strike authorization vote during a public rally at Elizabeth Caruthers Park on the South Waterfront Monday, Sept. 18. Nurses will also be available for one-on-one interviews. The rally will be livestreamed on ONA’s main Facebook page. The 3160 frontline nurses at OHSU are represented by the Oregon Nurses Association (ONA) through the Association of University Registered Nurses (AURN).

WHEN: 11:30 a.m., Monday, September 18, 2023

WHERE: Elizabeth Caruthers Park (3508 S Moody Ave, Portland, OR)

WHO: Hundreds of frontline nurses at OHSU along with elected officials, community allies and supporters.

WHY: Local nurses are demanding OHSU executives reach a fair contract agreement with frontline caregivers that will retain the highly skilled and valuable nurses who work at the hospital, ensure a safe environment for patients and nurses, provide high-quality care through appropriate staffing levels and give them the opportunity to reopen negotiations if the acquisition of Legacy Health System is finalized.

Negotiations commenced December 2022 and have continued through the contract’s expiration on June 30, 2023. The nurse bargaining team declared impasse in August and the two sides have been working with a mediator during a 30-day cooling off period.

If ONA members vote to authorize a strike at OHSU, ONA’s nurse leaders will work to determine next steps, including setting potential strike dates. If a strike is called, ONA will provide OHSU with a 10-day notice to allow OHSU executives adequate time to cease admissions and transfer patients or to reach a fair agreement with nurses and avert a work stoppage. ONA’s nurse bargaining team at OHSU continues to meet with OHSU management with a mediator.

The Oregon Nurses Association (ONA) is the state’s largest and most influential nursing organization. We are a professional association and labor union which represents more than 16,000 nurses and allied health workers throughout the state. ONA’s mission is to advocate for nursing, quality health care and healthy communities. For more information visit: