LTE from Cici Brown

In my time, I’ve had a couple life-changing events: One in 1967 and another occurring now, with the pandemic devastation.  53 years ago I was married in Sasebo, Japan.  During my 2 year stay, I visited the Nagasaki Memorial Museum.  I viewed photos and relics of the 1946 atomic bomb attack which slaughtered many of its inhabitants.  I was shocked and saddened at the number of lives lost.  Push ahead to 2020.Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program, described the 2020 coronavirus pandemic as a “nuclear attack in slow motion.”  

Trump, the self described “war time president” has nearly 200,000 deaths on his watch, the same number of deaths in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Many U.S. deaths and related illnesses could have been prevented if the Commander in Chief was competent.  This coronavirus has spun out of control with the lack of leadership at the top and a scientific understanding by Trump. He failed to protect us as his oath declared.  Maybe we should build a 2020 Pandemic Museum like the Japanese did in Nagasaki. 
Cici Brown