Northwest Nature Shop – Features Secret Hikes around Ashland

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Secret Hikes Around Ashland


Thursday 10/12 7 pm

Join local naturalist and cross country hiker Nolan Richard to learn about seven “secret” hikes all within a 45 minute drive from Ashland.Nolan will present a slideshow of these hikes that will include photos, maps, and first hand accounts to add to your Ashland trail options.

Guided Mushroom Hikes

October 14 (SOLD OUT) or November 12th

10 am – 3 pm

$55 per person

Join local mushroom expert Mike Potts for a slow-paced, off-trail walk through the woods and learn your way around the world of wild fungi. The emphasis will be on finding fungi and learning about identification and the diversity of mushroom species and how to sustainably harvest wild mushrooms.

Introductory Fall LICHEN Hike to Pilot Rock

Saturday October 21st

10 am – 3 pm

An introductory field lichen class focusing on lichen anatomy, biology, ecology, and identification.

The hike itself will be slow paced, relatively short (3-3.5 miles) with up to 450 ft of elevation gain. We will do some exploring of the PCT, the trail to Pilot Rock, and “Pilot” meadow. $20 per person. Sign up at NW Nature Shop.

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“Fry, Thrive, or Die” Book Talk by Michael Amaranthus

Thursday Nov. 2nd

7-8 pm


World renowned mycologist Michael Amaranthus will be presenting on his new book, “Fry, Thrive or Die”, a fun pocket guide to western US mushrooms on Thursday November 2nd here at NW Nature Shop.

Edible? Medicinal? Hallucinogenic? Poisonous? Dr Mike will share what you need to know about mushrooms and their uses.

In his presentation, Dr. Mike will highlight local mushroom species that grow in our area. He will detail the history of mushroom use and the potential medicinal therapies in the future. He will also highlight the latest research of mushrooms effects and as treatments for addiction, depression, anxiety, and terminally ill diagnosed patients. The guide and the talk will prepare folks to hunt and serve wild mushrooms, as well will delight with stories, history,

possibilities, recipes, and more.

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