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Birding Harney County Presentation by Harry Fuller

Thursday September 21

7-8 pm

A world–class birder’s paradise, Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is located in remote and beautiful southeastern Oregon. While Malheur is the main draw in the area, there are many birding hotspots nearby including Steens Mountain and the lush floodplain around the city of Burns. Harry Fuller, birding guide and author has written a book to help find new places to bird in southeastern Oregon.Fuller will present this book on Thursday September 21st at 7 pm here at Northwest Nature Shop. Come early to get a seat. Harry’s presentations are always entertaining and informative. Fuller’s book, Birding Harney County, will help you find the birds you are looking for by identifying where and when the birds are present. Harney County has many birds not found where most birders live. From Bobolink to Common Nighthawk. From Ferruginous Hawk to Franklin’s Gull. From White Pelican to Wilson’s Phalarope this area is a birder’s challenge, and this book will bring some birder’s rewards.

Secret Hikes Around Ashland

Thursday, October 12

7-8 pm at Northwest Nature Shop

Join local naturalist and cross country hiker Nolan Richard to learn about SEVEN different “secret” hikes all within a 45 minute drive from Ashland.

On Thursday, October 12th from 7-8pm at the Northwest Nature Shop, Nolan will be showing a slideshow of these hikes that will include photos, maps, and first hand accounts!

Come early to get a seat – Nolan is a natural teacher with 4+ years teaching at the elementary, middle, and college level. No charge.

First Fridays in the alley

5 pm-late

We are open until 8 pm on First Fridays through fall. Food trucks and music every First Friday from 5-late. Check our event page for live music schedule.

Guided Mushroom Hikes

October 14 or November 12th

10 am – 3 pm

$55 per person

Join local mushroom expert Mike Potts for a slow-paced, off-trail walk through the woods and learn your way around the world of wild fungi. The emphasis will be on finding fungi and learning about identification and the diversity of mushroom species and how to sustainably harvest wild mushrooms.

Annular Solar Eclipse

Saturday October 14th

Get your solar eclipse glasses now!

Get your eclipse glasses! An annular solar eclipse, when the moon as positioned covers the center of the sun but leaves an outer ring still visible, is coming right here to Southern Oregon, cutting a path from the Oregon Coast near Newport then passing over Albany, Eugene, Roseburg, Crater Lake, Medford and Lakeview before continuing southeast.The moon will pass between the sun and earth when it’s at its farthest point from us, so it won’t completely cover the sun but create a “ring of fire” in the sky for those in its path for about two to five minutes, with about an hour of a partial eclipse on either side.

To see the annular eclipse at its most dramatic, you want to be somewhere along the path of annularity, which is the swath of land that aligns directly beneath the celestial event. In Oregon, it will begin shortly after 8 a.m. before reaching “annularity” at 9:13 am.

The only safe way to look directly at the annularly eclipsed Sun is through special-purpose solar filters, such as eclipse glasses available at Northwest Nature Shop.

 $2.25 each

Pack of 25 ($31.25=$1.25ea)

Where to find spectacular fall colors in and near Southern Oregon

North Umpqua Trail

You can find many day hikes to waterfalls and great fall color on the North Umpqua trail. Big leaf maples are scattered in the lower areas and the bright red vine maples contrast incredibly with the dark conifers.

Upper Klamath Canoe Trail

Rent a canoe or kayak at Rocky Point Resort or put in your own at the public boat ramp next door and enjoy quaking aspen from the unique and peaceful setting of the waters of Upper Klamath Lake.

Rogue Umpqua Divide Wilderness

For great hiking trails the Rogue Umpqua divide wilderness and Fish Lake are lovely in the fall and easy to access from the Rogue Valley.

Steens Mountains

One of the best spots in Oregon for fall color are the glacial gorges of the Steens mountain area,

Kiger, Little Blitzen and Big Indian gorge where the Aspens and cottonwoods brighten the lower

elevations and chokecherry shrubs brighten the hillsides.

Burney Falls

The pool below the falls has every imaginable blue in it (indigo, cerulean, cobalt, turquoise) and the walls surrounding it are topped with vivid orange, yellow and lime colors in the fall.

Introductory Fall LICHEN Hike to Pilot Rock

Saturday October 21st

10 am – 3 pm

An introductory field lichen class focusing on lichen anatomy, biology, ecology, and identification. Pilot Rock, with the diversity of habitats (young and old conifer forest, oak woodland, meadow, and rocky habitats), will give the opportunity to see great lichen diversity.

The hike itself will be slow paced, relatively short (3-3.5 miles) with up to 450 ft of elevation gain. We will do some exploring of the PCT, the trail to Pilot Rock, and “Pilot” meadow. $20 per person. Sign up at NW Nature Shop.

$5.00 OFF
$5.00 off any purchase of $25 or more. Mention in shop or use coupon code online: shoplocalat northwestnatureshop.com

Expiration 10/31/23

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