By David Runkel

Dylan Bloom, who was selected Wednesday evening to serve on the Ashland City Council, was a supporter of concealed carry of guns while a student at Southern Oregon University.

The Medford Mail-Tribune reported in 2014 that Bloom was one of six students handing out copies of the Constitution and collecting signatures for a petition against SOU’s so-called “free speech zone.”  At the demonstration,  he distributed a statement on behalf of Students for Concealed Carry.

“Although we are Students for Concealed Carry, the issue we are addressing is free speech and not concealed carry on campus,” he said, according to the Mail-Tribune article. 

One of 19 candidates to fill two vacant City Council positions, Bloom was selected by the three sitting councilors on the fifth round of balloting.  Voting for him were Councilors Paula Hyatt, Gine DuQuenne and Eric Hansen. He had been Hansen’s campaign manager last fall and had Hansen’s vote on all five rounds.  

In 2014, the Mail-Tribune article reported that: 

“The students intentionally positioned themselves in a residential part of campus near McLoughlin Hall and the Greensprings Complex and were approached by several university officials who asked them to move to the free speech zone located outside Stevenson Union.
“Because the students involved  were members of Students for Concealed Carry, the incident also drew the attention of gun groups.
‘One man told a local news station that he wanted to see how the university would react when he and others showed up on campus with AR-15s strapped to their backs, Bloom said.
“Another man sent the SCC group a Facebook message saying he was organizing a coalition of people to come on campus in support of concealed carry.

“We informed him via a message that we appreciated the support of the community but that his demonstration would detract from our ultimate goal,” Bloom said.