from the Supreme Court is a crisis. The Supreme Court, with a second Trump appointee, will be able to end all affirmative action, eliminate the Voting Rights Act, roll back LGBTQ rights that Kennedy championed, and even overturn Roe v. Wade—abolishing the right to an abortion.

Democrats could stop this nomination on their own if they had the Senate majority. But they don't. That's what makes control of the Senate so important—and Democrats have a shot to take it back this fall.

Give $3 RIGHT NOW to help Democrats take back the Senate and stop Trump from further destroying our judicial system.

It's always been important that Democrats regain control of the Senate to stop Trump's harmful and damaging agenda, but now it is CRITICAL that we win in November.

This past week, thanks to Trump's last Supreme Court pick, the high court handed down one extreme right-wing ruling after another: upholding Trump's bigoted travel ban, gutting labor unions, allow discrimination against the LGBTQ community, and affirming racial gerrymandering that benefits Republicans.

A second Trump pick would mean putting a majority of five extremist conservatives on the court and would guarantee even more disastrous decision next year and beyond.

I will repeat: THIS IS CRITICAL. We need to win back the Senate in November. We can only do this with your support. Give $3 TODAY to help our endorsed candidates win.

Keep fighting,
Amanda McKay

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