Message from School Board Chair about the $3.5million Parks Pool —- exclusive

Hello, a friend wrote to the Ashland School Board about rumors of $3.5 million for a pool upgrade being inserted into their upcoming bond measure, this response is from Deneice Zeve, School Board Chair.

Dear Ms. Davies,
Thank you very much for your email. I appreciate your reaching out to get real information. We have been concerned about the pool rumor and have tried to dispel it at several public meetings and wherever we can. To be clear, there is no pool going in the school bond measure.
Our goal as a board is to be very transparent and engaged with the community. We remind ourselves of this at about every meeting we have to keep it in the front of our minds. To that end, we will be having three initial public forums to fill the community in on where the bond project stands. We also have a large committee made up of a wide variety of community volunteers to help craft the project. We need the whole community to be behind this project and we are very mindful of spending, community input and taxes. In fact, one of the main people who has been speaking out about the City budget process, Shaun Moran, is on both our bond and budget committees.
Again, thank you for reaching out and please don’t hesitate to do so again if you have any further concerns. We try to put everything possible on our website so check it too for updated information.

Deneice Zeve
Chair, Ashland School Board