Letter to the Editor Offers Another Perspective

To the Ashland Chronicle,

We should applaud Susanne Severeid’s recent condemnation of President Trump, who’s a clear and present danger to this nation, other countries, and the planet. But assertions about Joe Biden’s “compassion” and “courage,” or his “basic decency” (stated by columnist Maureen Dowd in a recent New York Times) simply won’t cut it.

I’m sure Anita Hill would have something to say about his compassion and decency, given the disgusting and demeaning treatment she received from Chairman Biden’s Senate Judiciary Committee during the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearings (1991). We could ask the millions of victims of the 1994 Crime Bill he wrote and supported, as well as the 1996 Clinton Welfare bill that Biden enthusiastically backed. These two Democratic-supported bills devastated black families, and poor mothers and their children of all ethnic and racial backgrounds. We might ask the Afghanis and Iraqis who have died, been maimed, and displaced by his support of Washington’s unconstitutional, and illegal wars; or the Libyans, Syrians, and Yemeni. Compassion and decency?  

Severeid is absolutely right about Trump, however, who has “torn infants from their mother’s arms, put children in cages,” must be defeated in November. Her criticism of such policies is on target. But did Severeid get on her Soap Box when Obama, called the “Deporter in Chief” by some Latino groups, sent nearly three-million desperate immigrants back to their countries to face oppression and death? Is her protest of Trump’s heinous actions based on principle or partisanship?

Especially because of our undemocratic Electoral College, vote Biden-Harris to get rid of Trump, but without any delusions that they or the Democratic Party are going to challenge our bankrupt economic and political system—one in which both major parties are captive to Wall Street and the merchants of death at Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

We should heed Severeid’s advice to get rid of this criminal and obscene president. At the same time, however, we must reject the historically-inaccurate claim of Biden’s “basic decency” and “compassion.” It erases his advocacy and support of policies that have brought death and harm to millions of Americans and others, and fosters a profound fantasy about the Democrats—who have pursued neoliberal and militarist policies for decades that paved the way for the Trump horror.  

John Marciano, Talent