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Dear Oregonians,

False information is as prolific as ever, and we’re seeing the consequences play out in real time. Too many of our election administrators are dealing with harassment and threats that are driving them out of the profession. I was especially upset to see a number of suspicious letters were sent to election offices in an attempt to disrupt the November election, although I’m grateful no one was injured.

We also learned more details today of the intelligence threats that occurred during the 2022 election. Federal officials concluded that foreign interference did not change votes or compromise election infrastructure and confirmed the 2022 election was secure. However, in a report released today, officials confirmed that actors like Russia and China are amplifying false election narratives in the U.S. to undermine public trust in our democracy. The best way to protect against these efforts is for elections officials to pay attention to false narratives online and use official channels to provide the public with accurate information.

In Oregon we are doing just that. I recently announced my participation in the #TrustedInfo2024 campaign alongside other Secretaries of State. Our democracy is stronger when voters are informed with accurate information, and the goal of the campaign is to encourage members of the public to look to election officials as the trusted source of election information.

You can sign up for email alerts at or visit to get trusted, accurate information about Oregon elections. We must push back against lies and false information about our elections. Protecting our election administrators means protecting our democracy.


LaVonne Griffin-Valade
Oregon Secretary of State

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