Let’s Set the Record Straight

Let’s Set the Record Straight


During the final days before the election recall, I posted a thoughtful article written by a friend and respected member of the Ashland community.  The article, “Why Recall Parks Commissioners?”   by Sandra Sawyer was published in the Ashland Daily Tidings. The article was well received by many who read it. However one individual decided to challenge the character of the author.  Kathy S. claimed that Sandra Sawyer had been disbarred in California and disciplined by the state bar in Oregon.  I suggested Kathy S. contact Sandra to get the truth.  She refused.  Yet she persisted in saying that the State Bar Associations have a “Sandra Sawyer” on file who has been disbarred and disciplined.  The former is a lie; the latter needs context.

In her own words, Sandra states: “Carol, for your information, I have never lived nor practiced law in California.  If there was a Sandra Sawyer there who was disbarred, it was not me. As for Oregon, yes, I took on Smith Barney single-handed.  They were represented by Stu Foster who was the immediate past president of the Oregon State Bar, and Lou Dahlin who was on the Board of Bar Governors.  Think I had a chance?  Well, I fought a long battle and was finally found to have a conflict of interest between my client and his sister-in-law.  While the suspension was in place, I became associate CEO of KOGAP Industries, Inc. I then renewed my membership in the Oregon State Bar and have been active ever since.  I am not proud of the suspension; but ‘My head is bloodied, but unbowed.’  The lies were flying wildly around the accusation.”

I believe this sets the record straight.  In Sandra Sawyer, we have a fighter for justice in our midst, a courageous woman who speaks truth to power and is willing to bear the consequences of her courage.

As for Kathy S., I believe she owes Sandra an apology.

Carol Voisin and Chronicle Staff