Let’s Change the Subject –Water Supply

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE               (POSTED MARCH 12, 2020) From TID website https://www.talentid.org/

February was not kind to us this year. More often than not, January and February are our large storm event months adding to our snow pack and helping fill reservoirs. This year those months were unusually dry. The snow pack for the basin is running considerably below average (69%) together with the 3 reservoirs that T.I.D. relies on for storage water are running around 60% of average for this time of year. It is shaping up to be a much drier than normal water year, which could result in a shortened season.

While one or two significant storms, coupled with a late wet spring, could do a lot to alleviate some of the water year problems but depending on that could be short sighted. Irrigators should prepare for a short water year and make your systems as drought resistant and efficient as possible by making sure gravity ditches are cleaned and free of debris. Check the nozzles on sprinkler systems for wear (if they are worn or missing replace them).

T.I.D will start adding monthly water supply reports to the website on how the water year and supply are progressing.

At this point, with current conditions, we should at least expect a delayed start to the season, making it closer to May. The Board of Directors will consider the season start date and any operational conditions or changes at their April 7th meeting.