Last Minute Update on Senior Center – Subcommittee Process Deeply Flawed

APRC Failed to Comply with State Meetings Requirements for Subcommittee Meetings

Several folks who attended the subcommittee meetings for the Senior Center found the procedure seriously lacking.  Mike Black failed to notify the public of the first meeting in January, 2017.  He and Commissioner Mike Gardiner were directly informed by the City Recorder that they must follow Oregon State Meetings Requirements.  They clearly were disregarding informing the public of these meetings.  After being told of the violation, the February meeting was noticed. However, when an agenda was presented prior to the meeting, it was then not followed in the meeting which demonstrates a disrespect for those attending the meeting both staff and the public.

The minutes of all the subcommittee meetings were not posted until well after the last meeting in May.  The minutes were not approved at any public meeting according to the minutes!  This is a Roberts Rule that must be followed for the public to be informed.  The process for the subcommittee was deeply flawed leading the public to be skeptical of the APRC’s decision making process and involvement of the public.

The failures listed above can be corroborated by the advisory board members of the Senior Center.  Mike Gardiner seemed to have a lapse in memory when he spoke with Curtis Hayden for the Sneak Preview about this matter.  Members of the advisory board of the Center and other citizens who happened to attend the subcommittee meetings are meeting with Curtis Hayden to give their testimony to counter Gardiner’s recollections.  Corroborated facts speak for themselves.

Here is the URL for Oregon’s Meetings Laws for your information and perusal.