Just Released: Joint Statement from Ashland’s Mayor & Councilors DuQuenne and Moran 6/18

By a wide margin the citizens of Ashland last year voted to adopt a more professional form of government and elected us to lead that effort. 

We appreciate the years of service given to the city by Adam Hanks and David Lohman and wish them well in the future.  Over the past six months we have relied upon their experience. We did not ask them to resign and were surprised by their decisions.

We reject the defamatory statement that we have been “dishonest and made personal attacks” and other false accusations made by Councilor Stephen Jensen. We are surprised he continues to violate the important code of conduct unanimously approved by the city council. Councilor Jensen has been uncooperative in seeking ways for the council to work together likely because he is staunch defender of the city’s previous ways of doing business. We have never been more convinced that the citizens of Ashland want us to continue to ask the hard questions, which we are committed to do. 

As we move forward in the next months to fully implement the city manager type of government, we hope that our colleagues on the City Council will join with us to do the bidding of the people of our city.  Finding a person to serve as city manager with the necessary educational and management experience is at the top of our agenda.

Ashland Mayor: Julie Akins Councilor: Gina DuQuenne Councilor: Shaun Moran