Just now: Trump-Pence-Kobach commission SHUT DOWN

Donald Trump just backed down big time, and it’s all thanks to us.

Just moments ago, the White House announced it would dissolve its phony “election integrity” commission — citing the multiple lawsuits against it, one of which was brought by Common Cause.

The commission was first set up to manufacture evidence for the President’s false claim that there were “millions who voted illegally” in the 2016 election. It had the wrong people pushing the wrong agenda. Led by notorious vote suppressor Kris Kobach and stacked with partisan ideologues, the commission was poised to pave the way for new, nationwide restrictions on our right to vote.

But then, we stopped them, together.

This is a HUGE win for voting rights, and a powerful testament to how organized people’s action can make a real difference — even under the most dire circumstances. Here’s how we were able to shut down this phony commission:

  • We massively mobilized our grassroots base to watchdog the commission and expose its illegitimate purpose. Over 50,000 Common Cause Members spoke out by filing official public comments to show we wouldn’t let them intimidate us out of our right to vote.

  • Thousands of Americans also cried foul at the commission’s illegal attempts to collect private information about every voter in the country. Numerous states refused to comply, and Common Cause filed a lawsuit demanding that the commission stand down.1

  • And democracy advocates like you kept spreading the word about how this commission was set up to fail, would make our elections less secure, and threatened our fundamental right to vote — as we detail in our report, “Flawed From The Start” that was shared thousands of times on social media.

I’m simply amazed at how big an impact we were able to make together. When we organize, and shine a light on abuses of power and attempts to keep the public from voting, we CAN notch major wins for our democracy. And, with your support, we’ll stay vigilant for any other attempt by the Trump administration to stop eligible voters from participating.

But it’s not enough to play defense — in 2018, we’re launching innovative campaigns across the nation to pass state laws that protect every American’s right to vote, make that right more accessible, and ensure that every vote counts. From improving voter registration accuracy with Automatic Voter Registration in Massachusetts to making every vote matter by ending partisan gerrymandering in Ohio, we’ll be hard at work to ensure every eligible voter has a chance to be heard.

This is a victory worth celebrating — and it’s thanks to your hard work and advocacy that we could make it happen. Thank you so much for helping to make a difference,

Karen Hobert Flynn, President
and the team at Common Cause

P.S. This won’t be the the last attack on voting rights from this administration. The President is still pushing his false claims about illegal voting, notorious vote suppressor Jeff Sessions is still the Attorney General, and state legislatures are still pushing new, anti-voter restrictions.

We must remain vigilant against ANY attempts to suppress or prevent eligible Americans from being heard. So if you can, please chip in to support our work to protect every voter’s rights.

1) Common Cause et al. v. Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity et al.

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