Jordan Cove LNG Export Project Update: No LNG Pipelines


There are some big updates on the campaign to stop the Jordan Cove LNG Export Project that we want to make sure you know about.

In the last few months, the new federal administration has turned to Jordan Cove as a top priority for their energy agenda, so we are gearing up for a huge fight.


1)   Veresen has announced a merger with a larger company. Veresen is the Canadian company proposing the Jordan Cove LNG Export Facility. On Monday, it announced a proposed merger with Pembina, another Canadian fossil fuel company. If the merger goes through, this will mean we are now fighting one of the largest fossil fuel infrastructure companies in Canada.

2)   The Trump Administration has set its eyes on Jordan Cove. Gary Combs, a top energy advisor for the Trump administration, said last month in the Washington Post that “The first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to permit an LNG export facility in the Northwest.”

3)   The five-person FERC Commission that originally denied Jordan Cove’s permit application will soon be filled with four people appointed by Trump. This means we cannot assume another denial from FERC. We also will need to turn up our pressure on our state agencies and Governor Brown.

4)   Sen. Merkley and Sen. Wyden are feeling the heat from us all but are still backing the company. Your calls and emails have them scrambling to justify support for this fracked gas project at a time when they are both trying to generate a lot of publicity by making symbolic statements about climate change. Because of your pressure, they just publicized a letter to the Trump administration asking them to let FERC “do their job” and not influence the FERC permitting process. Unfortunately, this is exactly what the company wants, knowing the industry will soon have even firmer control of FERC. What we really need is for Merkley and Wyden to stand with our communities in opposing the pipeline and export terminal.  Please continue to call them (Merkley:202-224-3753, Wyden:202-224-5244).

5)   Governor Kate Brown has finally agreed to meet with impacted community members later this month thanks to ongoing pressure and community organizing.  We will let you know how this meeting goes.

6) Our movement is growing!  Community members in Douglas County just launched another Jordan Cove Resistance group, between 1500 – 2000 people marched in Medford last weekend for clean energy jobs and against the pipeline, and we are stronger than ever before.


1)   Scoping Meetings: Over the next few months, we will need to show up to local pipeline hearings in big numbers and continue to build deep opposition to this movement.  The next public meetings we expect to be scheduled are “Scoping Meetings” organized by FERC in late May or June.  These meetings are a key opportunity for our community to submit comments and concerns to FERC.  Our state agencies will also start holding public meetings regarding impacts to our waterways this summer or fall.

2)   Ramping up the campaign: We need to build this campaign to a whole new level.  Our most immediate needs include 1) fundraising, 2) databasing, 3) community outreach, and 4) passing “no pipeline” resolutions by cities and local organizations. Please let us know how you can help by filling out this volunteer interest form.

Here we go!