Jensen’s Defense: the code of conduct just went overboard!


“It is more than tragic. It is catastrophic for this town,” Jensen said. “The mayor and councilors who are responsible for the resignations of key municipal staff need to be held accountable immediately.”

Jensen said the code of conduct applies to “normal times and normal interactions” — not applicable to the city’s current “dire” situation, he said.

“The lifeboats are out, the code of conduct just went overboard,” Jensen said.



So to summarize:
The others guys made our guys resign.
The code of conduct does not apply to me.

This after insisting a month ago that a code of conduct had become essential for the council to function due to incivility.

Since then, this councilor has repeatedly violated it, doubled down, tripled down… and then has the unmitigated gall to claim immunity from the code that he himself insisted was necessary.

This is why we voted for change– to no longer have to suffer the hypocrisy, incompetence, and reactionary destructiveness of this kind of thinking. His lack of self awareness is breathtaking. His assignment of blame is not only unethical… it is literally slanderous.

We must have a functional council. If Jensen can’t interact in this group for the common good, he must vacate his office and yield to someone who is willing to work with the other councilors for the good of the city.

This has gone on long enough.
It’s time for Jensen to make the fourth resignation his own.

Dean Silver

//inserted by Sharon