Opinion: Irresponsible Ashland City Councilor

If you been reading here for the past week or so, you know about Jensen’s original essay in the Mail Tribune and Sneak Preview.  And you know what I thought about it. https://nextdoor.com/p/z-xrDftgKzKS?view=detail

In today’s Tidings, there is a letter from David Runkel correctly pointing out that Jensen’s claim that city staff is down 23% is a bald-faced, manipulative lie.

The Tidings allowed Jensen to respond.  In it, he admits that his figure was “inexact”, and then spins like a whirling dervish trying to justify his lie.

He concludes by playing the fear card, as always, warning residents of “serious alteration in the fabric and character of this town if those who see only “cuts” as the way forward prevail.”

Next think about the code of conduct the council passed Thursday night.  Remember that Jensen is one of the prime violators of the code, as he admitted in the meeting.  Note his response: “It has become clear that we absolutely need this declaration,” Jensen said.

Haven’t we had enough of this?  The Council is paralyzed, unable to conduct the city’s business.  Jensen’s attitude, statements, and actions are one of the primary reasons that the Council has become dysfunctional.  His behavior is outrageous, egregious, and wouldn’t be tolerated in any well functioning organization.  And he’s a liar.  He betrays the public’s trust.

If that weren’t enough, Jensen is one of the most irresponsible and intractable fiscal voices on the council.  He can’t countenance “cuts” in the budget.  Any third grader with a lemonade stand could teach him a lot about basic economics, and how to run a business without driving it to ruin.

It’s past time to put an end to this.  It’s time to remove Jensen from the Council and replace him with someone who is willing and able to tackle the many problems facing our city.  We may have to wait for the 2022 elections.  As long as Jensen has a vote in Council, we will only sink deeper into dysfunction.  He does not know how to behave, and his responses to our fiscal crisis only serve to make it worse.  

Recall Jensen by not voting for him again…

Dean Silver, Ashland

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