What is so disconcerting about This News

This news,

Source: Georgia’s Lt. Governor Threatens Delta for Cutting NRA Ties – The Daily Beast

is  especially disconcerting to me, that a person can threaten a private company by seeking to shift tax laws so that they will specifically hurt the company. It means people can use tax formulas as political weapons. It seems worse than the many the threats tr**p has made. It also stimulates the mind to consider that the whole of the political powers-that-be are doing just that. Making change to reward or penalize any one they have interest or disinterest in.

The most key of those people are the ones sitting in the White House. We know how mentally manipulative those ones are, with so many donor promises to fulfill, the pressure-of-the-money gives them willingness with strength.. What a realization it is that we-the-people are so secondary to their objectives of increasing personal wealth or power. That the quality of our lives is felt by this structure, by being subject to it, by being it’s subjects, we realize we don’t accept that and start studying and experimenting with the ways to shift that formula. We must. So that we can return to good heartedness. This,as is, has been hard on our hearts. And these one-by-one realizations instigate one-by-two motives to act.

~Sharon Miranda