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Don’t Uproot Ashland

March 21 at 1:28 PM ·


Last year, when Uproot Meats advertised its pigs-for-sale, it described them as pasture-raised. They are not. They are raised in wire pens on a steep dirt slope. The good news is that the pens give the pigs room to move about, and Uproot assures costumers that the grain they are fed (brought in by truck) is organic.

But this is not the same as pasture-raised, the gold standard for healthy, sustainable and humane pig farming. And, as previously noted in various posts here, the “Confined Animal Feeding Operation” (CAFO) for which Uproot seeks licensure carries inherent threats to air, water, and neighboring property—even when it’s a small operation like Uproot Meats.

Here is a “flyer” on pasture-raised pigs:

“There’s a growing awareness of what REAL FOOD means, not only for those who produce real food but also for those who consume it. For producers of pasture-raised pork, this begins with pigs that have year-round access to open pastures and are able to forage on a diverse diet of plant and animal foods—from grass, acorns, leaves and roots to grubs and non-GMO feed.”

“Allowing pigs to range freely on a natural diet that contains anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats helps foster healthy animals and provides us, the consumers, with a flavorful food rich in beneficial, balanced fatty acids. Pigs grown in contained animal feeding operations, even when fed organic grains, lack these advantages.”

“Small pastured-pork farms also benefit the public’s health. They avoid the unsanitary living conditions that create the need for antibiotic treatments and they have less impact on the environment from manure buildup and runoff into public water supplies.”

“Want to give pasture-raised pork a try? There are over 35 small farms in Oregon that raise pastured pigs, the gold standard for delivering the healthiest pork to consumers.”

Here are several local, small farms that deserve your attention:

Crack O’Dawn Farm https://www.crackodawnfarm.com/ (541) 652-8223 | Ashland
(Farming in Southern Oregon for 14 years; regenerative farm principles)

L&R Family Farm https://www.localharvest.org/l-r-family-farm-M10318 (541) 846-0602 | Grants Pass
(CSA, Farmers Market, Wholesale)

Marvin’s Gardens and Cattle Co. https://medford.craigslist.org/…/rogue-rive…/6799060710.html Cave Junction (USDA inspected and certified)

White Oak Ranch https://www.thewhiteoakranch.com/pork.html (541) 826-6305 | Eagle Point
(Herd share, farm store, restaurants and caterers)