High Cost of Water…Potholes on Most Streets…Climate Change Action Delay

Some inquiries were made about why the grass on the median on Siskiyou Blvd and North Main are so brown and not manicured regularly.  The city spent millions of dollars on these medians and the landscaping.  There are even places in Lithia Park where the grass is becoming browner rather than greener.  The only answer given was that the City water bill is too high, so the City cut back on the watering.  Why didn’t the City calculate the increase in water rates for an increase in their budget for water?

One of the major responsibilities for a city council and its public works department is to keep the potholes filled on our streets and to repair them when needed.  Ashland citizens voted to earmark millions of dollars from the restaurant tax to the repairing and maintenance of our streets.  Does anyone see the repairs being made like on Hersey Street?  Where is the funding mechanism needed to get this done on the council agendas?   What is going on?  The money is there.  The potholes continue to take a toll on our cars and bikes.

Over 2,000 citizens signed petitions a year ago to put an ordinance on the ballot that would give Ashland some energy security.  It is an ordinance that Ashland will produce 10% of its energy with new, clean, local renewable energy by the year 2020.  This didn’t go to the ballot last year because the council voted to make it an ordinance.  What is happening with meeting the obligations of this ordinance?  There seems to be more “studying” of the ordinance than action while the clock on government subsidies is ticking away.  Also, where is the ordinance to enforce the new climate change plan (CEAP)?  There must be consequences for the city not fulfilling its own climate change ordinances and plans.

//inserted by Sharon