Grief for the Murder of Aidan Ellison Words from his Family

 Grief for the Murder of Aiden Ellison

Statement from the Family of Aidan Ellison:

The Truth and Conciliation Council releases the following statement from Aidan Ellison’s Family: Many people are wanting to know more about Aidan Ellison and who he was in his short time on this Earth. What can be said about this teenager who was full of spirit? He was just getting started on his lifelong journey when he was taken from us. For those who want to know who he was, it’s too late. He’s gone. That opportunity has been missed, and no eulogy or summary of his 19 years will suffice to describe it. What you need to know is that this young man’s life was taken and nothing can justify that. Nothing he did, legitimizes the cold-blooded response of being shot in the chest. Enough is enough. How many Black men have to die before this community takes hate crimes seriously? How many #BlackLivesMatter signs have to go up for this to be addressed in a constructive way? We know from our own experience living in Ashland, Oregon that this heinous murder was racially motivated. Aidan often said there were two rules for living in Ashland: -Have a big smile
-Be white
He was hyper-aware of this community’s denial of his experience in a Black, male body, and this country’s denial of how it targets people like him. The culture of white supremacy is entrenched in this valley and as we have seen following Aidan’s tragic death it is ingrained in policing and reporting here. By victim-blaming Aidan in the headlines, we can already see the rough road ahead to ensure justice for Aidan. We insist that this community be forever changed by what happened to Aidan. We are calling for an end to this violence and oppressive white supremacy in Oregon now. We hold Jackson County to the task of prosecuting this crime to the fullest extent. A clear and firm message must be sent, that this violence and aggression towards Black bodies will not be tolerated under any circumstances. We call on the community to support us and hold the justice system accountable. We feel that everything happens for a reason and we know God has Aidan’s spirit now.

Here we can read about the incident, at least according to the USA Today report. I wonder what the Ashland Tidings had to say? It does not look like “victim blaming in the headlines” to me.
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