Gender Equity Possible? City Council Appointment

Gender Equity Possible


On March 20, 2018, the City Council voted to fill a vacancy on the Ashland Council with Jackie Bachman, one of three finalists considered. I am sure that all the finalists were qualified but the Council decided that Jackie was the most qualified. With her addition, we have 2 women councilors of the five councilors now serving. With the vacancy left by Traci Darrow, another appointment process will take place. New applicants for position #6 can apply and the five city councilors will select its sixth member. I encourage women to apply for this position because if a woman is elected, we will have gender equity on the Council which has not been the case since 2016. The deadline for submitting an application is April 9, 2018.


Our city needs more women represented in decision making positions. Approximately, 55% of our city’s population is female. With gender equity on the Ashland Council those women and girls will see that they are being represented by other women. Women come with a different point of view and life experience that factor into their decision making process. Yes, men can make good decisions about women’s issues but who better to represent women’s issues than other women. Diversity of views makes for better decisions for all of us.


Women are running for elected office like never before with 526 woman running as challengers and incumbents across the nation.  As of last week, 395 women were candidates for the House of Representatives, 72 of them seeking reelection, according to the Center for American Women in Politics at Rutgers University. There are also 38 female challengers to U.S. Senate seats in 2018 and 12 incumbent women are running again. And in governorship races, 79 women are running for office. These are national positions but most people start locally.


So ladies, fill out an application and submit it by April 9, 2018. This City Council seat is an appointed position and you will have to run for office in the fall. Besides #6, there will be two other positions up for reelection. Positions now held by Stefani Seffinger and Mike Morris and the newly appointed Jackie Bachman position. That is four positions. Yes, running for office can sound scary. You can use all sorts of excuses for not doing it; not experienced enough, not educated enough. Guess what, men do it all the time and they win. You can too. It’s important.


Regina Ayars