Fwd: We fought and won. Now, Trump wants to undo our work. Add your name now.

It's official. President Trump and the EPA have launched their attack on lifesaving clean car standards. These critical standards are at the heart of U.S. efforts to combat climate change, curtail carbon pollution, and keep the American auto industry competitive.

But Trump and his allies will stop at nothing to bolster profits for their friends in the fossil fuel industry, even if it means adding billions of tons of carbon pollution to our atmosphere and making automobiles far less fuel efficient.

NRDC is prepared to fight back in court, if necessary, to save clean car standards. But right now, Trump's EPA and the U.S. Department of Transportation are accepting public comments on the reckless proposal. We need your help to register a massive public outcry over this latest anti-environment attack.

Sign your name with NRDC: Be one of the 100,000 activists we need to tell the EPA and U.S. Department of Transportation to reverse course on the Trump administration's dangerous scheme and keep strong clean car standards in place.


Transportation recently overtook power plants as the single largest source of carbon pollution in the United States, and cars and trucks account for 60% of that. We can't combat climate change without a deliberate and substantial effort to reduce carbon pollution from automobiles.

Trump claims that clean car standards are "crushing the auto industry," despite the fact that U.S. automakers just experienced a seven-year record sales streak, and clean car standards were in effect for six of those years.

Yet, despite those record profits, major U.S. automakers have stood silently by — and in some cases offered backchannel support — as Trump and his EPA moved forward with this rollback.

The truth is that clean car standards are good for our environment, but they are also good for jobs. They have helped maintain thousands of manufacturing jobs producing clean energy components for cars, making U.S. automakers more competitive with foreign car companies that have already prioritized making their vehicles more fuel efficient.

NRDC fought for — and won — these clean car standards under the Obama administration. Since then, they've reduced 240 million tons of carbon pollution and saved drivers $50 billion at the pumps. If left in place, they will nearly double the fuel efficiency of cars and trucks by 2025 — and reduce billions of tons of carbon pollution over these vehicles' lifetimes.

It's clear that the only people who will benefit from a rollback of clean car standards are fossil fuel executives. Meanwhile, drivers will be forced to shell out billions in additional fuel costs while our cars and trucks speed up the process of climate change.

NRDC is ready to fight back — in and out of court — for as long as it takes to save clean car standards. But first, we need your help making a public outcry about this reckless proposal.

Sign our petition and submit a public comment now to help stop this disastrous rollback plan. We can't let the Trump administration get away with this.



Rhea Suh
President, NRDC

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