There is a layer cake of madness surfacing
Writhing and slithering it’s way into our fields of consciousness
Never before has it been so clearly seen and witnessed
In a millisecond, horrific truths are seen on a small screen
And pundits and politicians alike weigh in on the latest
Excusing behaviors that are inexcusable and unacceptable
Yet with just the right amount of spin
Morph into something unrecognizable from the original sinful act
Lauding actions unspeakable and cajoling folks into believing “oh it’s just the way it is”
Well FTN
The way it is is getting us deeper and deeper into the rabbit holes of demoralizing, painful behavior
And yet so many just do not see it
Blinded by their own desire to keep those on a pedestal that was never deserved in the first place
It’s time folks
It’s time
Off your duff of apathy and projection
Take a stand for a brighter and more beautiful world
Insist on it
Mold it
Shape it
Bring it into existence
For this precious spinning orb of beauty is way too amazing to toss around like a smelly old sock
Passing the responsibility off to some higher up who is taking us down
Rise up to truth to power
And turn this ship around
Before we sail into the painful port of no return
— written by Donna Benjamin; 11/14/17

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