June 1st, President Trump formally announced that he would withdraw our nation from the landmark Paris Agreement. We had a different idea.

We started, signed, and circulated petitions calling on our leaders to act on climate change, regardless of President Trump’s decision. On June 6th, we delivered more than 2.5 million signatures to the United Nations, where a meeting on climate action was underway.

The world – and our leaders – listened. The bipartisan U.S. Climate Alliance, a coalition of governors committed to upholding the objectives of the Paris Agreement, has grown to include 14 states and Puerto Rico. Governors from nine additional states and the Mayor of Washington D.C. have also pledged their support for the Paris Agreement. This week, Syria announced that it would be signing onto the Paris Agreement, leaving the United States completely isolated.

Now, we will voice our support of the Paris Agreement louder than ever before.

On November 14th, communities across the country will stand up as part of a Day of Action to demonstrate that state, local, and tribal leaders; businesses, activists and “ordinary” citizens alike are taking action on climate change.

This Day of Action is timed to coincide with COP23, the United Nations’ conference on climate change, in Germany. Our actions here at home will both amplify the work being done at COP23, and energize the local activists stepping up and taking action in the absence of presidential leadership.

Check out this map of Day of Action events. Are you able to attend one or host one of your own?

November 14th will be a special day for me, as I will finally be closing my petition and delivering it to my congressman. When I started my petition six months ago, I would have been thrilled to have gathered 50 signatures. Today, that petition holds the signatures of 556,901 people spanning age, race, gender, religion, and political party. 556,901 people standing up and saying that this is where we draw the line; this is what unites us.

I look forward to standing with you again on November 14th.

Patrick McHeffey



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