Fwd: Fw: Super PAC spending BIG against Beto

I am supporting this person. 

Beto for Texas

NEWS: Ted Cruz super PAC buys $750,000 of ads against Beto

We don’t have PACs on our side. We have you. Rush a donation to Beto’s campaign now to help us stay competitive.

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For the first time in this race, one of the super PACs supporting Ted Cruz has placed a $750,000 ad buy in Texas. This super PAC is funded by the kinds of people who have virtually unlimited sums of money to influence our political system and buy our elections.

Our campaign doesn’t have a super PAC. We don’t even have a regular PAC!

Instead, we’re backed by hundreds of thousands of grassroots donors and the largest volunteer operation of any Senate candidate in the country. Thanks to supporters and volunteers like you, we’re just a couple points behind Senator Ted Cruz in the polls!

We’ve come so far. We can’t allow shady millionaire-funded super PACs try to take down Beto in the last few months before November. That’s why we’re asking you again now…

Make another $5 contribution right now to help us raise another $750,000 to counter these super PAC ad buys.

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These super PAC ad buys are nothing out of the ordinary. Politicians rely on them to win elections all the time. Beto is different. Our campaign is different. We’re one of the few campaign efforts relying 100% on people power. Your contributions are vital to our success.

Thank you for your incredible generosity.

Team Beto