Fire Cleanup Continues: Emergency Operations Update with Imp. Info.

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. — KDRV The Jackson County Emergency Operations Center announced that household hazardous waste cleanup is almost finished.

EPA contractors have cleaned up 671 individual properties. This includes a majority of the mobile home parks.(Photo courtesy of Sean Roberts)

John Vial, emergency center director, says EPA will continue their work after more people submit Right of Entry forms.

The Oregon Debris Mangement Task Force is nearing step two of the cleanup process, which is ash and debris removal. That process will begin in early December.

The cleanup includes concrete pads, burned vehicles and hazardous trees for home and business owners.

After contractors remove the ash and debris, the state will pay for and complete soil testing.

The state will notify property owners once the work is done.

Contractors estimate six to eighteen months for completion.

County officials are reminding people to sign up for FEMA assistance.

They say they’re concerned eligible fire survivors have not registered.

As of November 17th, just over 4,500 households have signed up.

The deadline to register for FEMA assistance is November 30th, after it was extended earlier this week.