FEMA Approves Temp Housing Funds for Jackson County

Housing relief on the way to Jackson County, FEMA approves assistance

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. — On Friday, Jackson County was officially approved by FEMA to receive Temporary Housing Assistance. The approval was met after FEMA reviewed a document by Governor Brown’s office, that showcased all of the damages, lack of housing and impact that the Almeda fire had on the survivors and communities in the area.

FEMA says that temporary assistance will address the shortage of available homes in the county and will provide people a stopping point as they look towards a long-term solution.

Some of the units that could be coming to the county could include transportable temporary housing in which can be used for up to 18 months after the start of the Almeda Fire. 

According to FEMA, they are working with the state to create a plan to provide different forms of temporary housing that would help people displaced by the fire.

FEMA says that solutions to each person displaced by the Almeda Fire will vary, depending on how quickly a survivor’s home can be repaired and the availability of housing options in their communities.

The organization says that to be eligible for Direct Temporary Housing assistance, Oregon wildfire survivors must register with FEMA and also reside in a county that has been designated for Individual Assistance and approved for Direct Temporary Housing. Damage must be to the primary residence and must be a result of the wildfires.

Throughout the process, FEMA says that people living in these temporary homes will be evaluated regularly to see if they will continue to remain eligible for temporary housing assistance.

If a person’s home only needs rental assistance or minor repair money which would enable a household to return home, FEMA says that a person may not be eligible for further housing assistance.

Eligibility will be determined after survivors apply for assistance. You can apply at disasterassistance.gov, call 800-621-3362, or use the FEMA app to apply.