Fake News about Almeda Drive Fire — Beware

Medford police fight false posts about arson KOBI TV

MEDFORD, Ore. – Medford police are asking for you to help them fight false information in our community.

They posted this on their Facebook page saying someone created a fake graphic and story to make it look like it was posted by the police department.

Police said the fake Facebook posts falsely stated that Medford police arrested several right-wing “Proud Boys” members for starting the fires. Another post said “Antifa” members were arrested. These posts are also completely false.

MPD Lieutenant Mike Budreau said, “These rumors, that are completely false about mass arrests going on, can really take our time away from the investigation. And it can lead people to think something has happened when it hasn’t.”

Again, police say both social media posts are not true. If you see them online police are asking you, report it.