Equal Pay Day – April 4 demonstration at noon, on the Ashland Plaza

 This year EQUAL PAY DAY is celebrated on April 4th, the date when women’s wages catch up to those earned by men in 2016.

 AAUW has been on the front lines of the fight for pay equity since 1913.  And equal pay is not simply a women’s issue — it’s a family issue.

 An enthusiastic group of AAUW members will join together on the Plaza to demonstrate our commitment to fair pay by wearing colorful EQUAL PAY tee-shirts, waving signs, and engaging passing motorists and pedestrians. Everyone was very friendly last year. Our visibility is more important than ever as a fair pay bill is working its way through the Salem legislature right now! The demonstration will be SHORT; less than 30 minutes.    Join us!

Date:  April 4th, Tuesday, at noon

Where:  on the Ashland Plaza.