Hi All,
We are still working out the communication system, so issues will show up surely.
Please reply to all, or reply to just me with any questions or information. That will help test the system and also let us know what more we need.
Several people have emailed me information, events, links. Soon we will have a repository for each Campaign for materials, and an event calendar.
Soon we will also have a functioning sign up for others in The Ashland Chronicle Campaign Signup
These Campaigns have Coordinators (you) Impeachment CommunicationNetwork LocalHousing ProtectOurCare Immigration/Sanctuary (HereToStay)
Those Campaigns do not have Coordinators identified. Some one of us may know who they are, let me know too. Plus we need their action sheets to insure all people are signed in to these campaigns. Who will help garner this info for me?
Indivisible (only 8 people signed up?) ResistTrumpTuesdays ClimateChange LocalTransportation


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