Eagle Point Police Carry Defibrillators in All Police Vehicles


News Release from Eagle Point Police Dept.
February 9th, 2024

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The Eagle Point Police Department will be carrying new AED’s in all police vehicles thanks to a generous grant from the Robert and Frances Chaney Family Foundation.  The department applied for funding from the Chaney Foundation to help purchase 10 Cardiac Science G3 AED’s to be placed in all police vehicles in order to provide a rapid response and care for cardiac arrest patients.

Training for the care, maintenance and use of the AED’s was provided through the partnership with Jackson County Fire District #3.  Lt. Brain Simonsen with FD3 provided training to the officers on how and when to use the AED’s.  Now that the officers have been certified in how to use the units, they will be placed in patrol cars and available for emergency response.

According to the American Heart Association, there are more than 350,000 cardiac arrests which occur outside of the hospital each year.  Defibrillation is the third step in the Chain of Survival, behind activation of 911 and CPR. Early defibrillation is the key to increasing the survival rate. By having the AEDs in patrol cars, officers will be able to respond immediately to cardiac arrest events in and around the City of Eagle Point.  Often, police officers are already in the field and are closer to the incident location than EMS personnel.  By providing immediate response, early defibrillation, and a coordinated response with EMS, we hope to increase the survival and recovery rates for the citizens we protect.

We are grateful to the Chaney Family Foundation for their support of this project and to Chief Hussey and the members of Fire District 3 for assisting with training on the use of the new devices. Working together as a community helps everyone we serve.