Don’t Uproot Ashland Committee — Update on the Hog/Chicken Farm 3/4s of a mile from Ashland.

Here is the latest  —
–Jackson County has approved the land use permit for the farm contingent on 13 conditions.
–Don’t Uproot Ashland (citizen action group) met the 10 day appeal deadline by filing an appeal to the county’s decision.
–The appeal hearing is scheduled for January 7.  We are asking for an extension in order to have more time to prepare for the hearing.
–We have an attorney working with us.
–The City of Ashland remains neutral on the land use and possible TID pollution.  We are speaking at the council on Tuesday,
       December 18 at the public forum asking them to write a letter of concern to the county officials overseeing the land use permit.
–Remember that several of us have been in touch with county and state agencies about our concerns and complaints.  Several
       persons involved with these agencies are also very concerned.
Action to take at this point: 
     1.Attend the Ashland City Council meeting December 18 in support of two speakers. Then leave in mass. (7-7:30pm)
     2.Attend the public hearing on the appeal to the permit for the hog/chicken slaughter farm in January.  More information
               will be available later on this.
Don’t Uproot Ashland Committee