What is ‘neoliberalism’?

We hear the term “neoliberalism” bandied about quite a bit these days, but it might surprise you to learn that the original term has nothing to do with being liberal. In fact neoliberalism is diametrically opposed to liberalism and eagerly sacrifices democracy and even life on earth for endless profit.

Neoliberalism is actually just another iteration of the laissez-faire capitalism of the late 1800s, which spawned the Robber Barons. Today’s version is similar. Oligarchs and their legislative cohorts feast upon the labor of essential workers who are kept in uneducated poverty via inadequate wages, a lack of health care and underfunded schools.

Neoliberalism creates more inequality as it plunders and the walls and foundation of society crumble under the ever-increasing weight of a wealth-laden roof. The transfer of wealth is enabled by privatization of the commons and the public good.

Neoliberals are now drooling over our Post Office and Social Security. Sadly, even the COVID billions our legislators just voted for — went to the roof.

Neoliberalism is greed writ exceedingly large. The obscene concentration of wealth and power corrupts everything it touches. It has been suggested that Trump is the poster child for neoliberalism: amoral and bloated with self-centered greed.

Lee Lull