Dear Mr. President Barack Obama – We Need You Now More Than Ever

To Barack Obama from Addie Greene

Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for leading the United States out of the worst recession since the Great Depression, saving the American auto industry, making it possible for millions of people to have health insurance, and numerous other accomplishments. I won’t enumerate them because that’s not why I’m writing.

In ordinary times you could sit on your laurels and take a long-deserved vacation. But these are not ordinary times. Our nation faces its worst crisis since the Civil War. We need you, Mr. President, to go back to your roots as a community organizer and help us save the country.

You should start with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, plus his four Republican cohorts from Wisconsin. Michigan has nine and Pennsylvania 13 GOP members of Congress. House Freedom Caucus members who may be vulnerable are Rod Blum of Iowa, Ken Buck of Colorado, Warren Davidson of Ohio, Andy Harris of Maryland, Jim Jordan of Ohio, and Steve Pearce of New Mexico. California’s Darrell Issa, Stephen Knight and Jeff Denham, Minnesota’s Jason Lewis, Nebraska’s Don Bacon, and Texas’s Will Hurd also will be vulnerable.

Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Ohio must be put into play. In all, in these states plus Maine, New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado 78 Republicans will be up for re-election in 2018. Democrats must take back the House.

In the Senate, Jeff Flake in Arizona and Dean Heller in Nevada should be targets. Mississippi’s Roger Wicker, Nebraska’s Deb Fischer, Tennessee’s Bob Corker, Texas’s Ted Cruz, Utah’s Orin Hatch, and Wyoming’s John Barrasso also will be up for re-election, although Hatch has said he plans to retire. These red seats almost surely will remain red, so it is imperative that we support the 23 Democrats up for re-election.

Indivisible will help. There are chapters in all these states, and the locals will know how best to deal with the locals.

Please, Mr. President, your country needs you now more than ever.