COVID Payments to Hospitals Had Widely Varying Prices According to Oregon Health Authority

COVID Payments Data Brief highlights widely varying prices paid for common COVID-19-related procedures

Insurers paid hospitals vastly differing amounts for the same COVID-19-related procedures across Oregon

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon Health Authority (OHA) released a data brief that shows how much commercial insurers paid hospitals for COVID-19-related treatments in 2021.

The COVID Payments Data Brief looks at data for six common COVID-19-related procedures that account for more than $40 million paid by commercial insurers to Oregon hospitals in 2021. It highlights the median amount paid to hospitals for each type of procedure, how many of each procedure was performed, and the typical range of payments the hospital received.

Commercial insurers paid Oregon hospitals widely varying amounts for the same COVID-19 procedures, not only from hospital to hospital but also within the same hospital. For example, insurers paid hospitals a wide range for inpatient hospital stays that included treatment with remdesivir, an antiviral medication approved for hospitalized COVID-19 patients. The median payment was $5,506 per day, with the range of payments across hospitals from $4,167 to $7,631.

This report sheds additional light on the cost of the COVID-19 pandemic. As Oregon continues to recover from the pandemic, understanding cost and utilization of services is vital in ensuring Oregon can meet the health care cost growth target.

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