County Services Update for low income 3/28

Much of this is in the media, but I thought you might want a summary of what the County is doing (forward as appropriate):
County Partners Join Together to Feed and Care for Homeless on Greenway. Portable toilets and hand washing stations were delivered to the Greenway.

Sack meals are still on schedule to be delivered this Friday and will be delivered 7 days per week by driving along the pathway. EOC is still asking for financial assistance from cities and non-profits to help in these efforts. Please contact Steve Lambert if interested in helping with this effort.

Homeless Greenway Healthcare Program. EOC is coordinating with Mercy Flights. A Mercy Flights EMT will travel the Greenway 3 days a week to offer healthcare assistance to the Greenway homeless population. Red cards to indicate a need for health care assistance have been distributed along the Greenway for Greenway residents to exhibit outside their residing area. 
County’s role in Homeless Shelter Closures. The County has not closed any shelters and is working on clarifying communication on County’s role in shelter closures. This information will be communicated to homeless advocacy groups hopefully by the end of today (3/25). 

La Clinica is COVID-19 testing according to the medical advisory recommendations. Flu testing is available. La Clinica is accepting uninsured and unassigned at their respiratory triage clinic on Biddle. They do not have a walk-in clinic.  

Businesses: Funding is available for Layoff Aversion Grants and Small Business Loans. Funding has now become available for activities designed to prevent or minimize the duration of unemployment resulting from layoffs during the current COVID-19 / Coronavirus era. In addition, Small Business Administration disaster assistance is now available to businesses in most southwest Oregon counties and all of California.

Layoff Aversion Grants • Application at • Questions contact Jill teVelde at or 503.781.4278 
Small Business Administration • Application at • Questions call (800) 659-2955 or email for more information.   

Joe Charter