Vandals destroyed the “Say Their Names Memorial” in Railroad Park last night. This is not the Ashland we want to be – we want to build a welcoming community for everyone.

Many, many students and other Ashlanders created this memorial to honor black victims of senseless killings. We need to keep this important memorial in place and protect it.

There is a group of community members there, now, salvaging the T-shirts. This afternoon at 3:30, if you are local, please join the Ashland community to re-install the T-shirts to the memorial. If you are not local, please show your support by emailing us any thoughts/wishes you may have for the citizens rebuilding this memorial.

Ashland Together

Help us be the Ashland we Want to Be


Ashland Together (AT) Planning Circle: Allyson Phelps, Anyania Muse, Brady Rubin, Connie Minogue, Edward Derr, Elizabeth Fairchild, Gina DuQuenne, Heidi Binder, Hillary Larson, Patricia Syquia McCarthy, Tara Houston, Toni Lovaglia

photos by Susanne Severeid